Login into remote registry.


werf cr login registry [options]


# Login with username and password from command line
werf cr login -u username -p password registry.example.com

# Login with token from command line
werf cr login -p token registry.example.com

# Login into insecure registry (over http)
werf cr login --insecure-registry registry.example.com


            Specify docker config directory path. Default $WERF_DOCKER_CONFIG or $DOCKER_CONFIG or  
            ~/.docker (in the order of priority)
            Use plain HTTP requests when accessing a registry (default $WERF_INSECURE_REGISTRY)
            Set log color mode.
            Supported on, off and auto (based on the stdout’s file descriptor referring to a        
            terminal) modes.
            Default $WERF_LOG_COLOR_MODE or auto mode.
            Enable debug (default $WERF_LOG_DEBUG).
            Enable emojis, auto line wrapping and log process border (default $WERF_LOG_PRETTY or   
            Disable explanatory output (default $WERF_LOG_QUIET).
            Set log terminal width.
            Defaults to:
            * interactive terminal width or 140
            Enable verbose output (default $WERF_LOG_VERBOSE).
  -p, --password=''
            Use specified password for login (default $WERF_PASSWORD)
            Read password from stdin for login (default $WERF_PASSWORD_STDIN)
  -u, --username=''
            Use specified username for login (default $WERF_USERNAME)