All changes in werf
go through all release channels

  • Alpha
    can bring new features
    but can be unstable
  • Beta
    for more broad testing
    of new features to catch
  • Early-Access
    is mostly safe and can be used
    in non-critical environments
    or for local development
  • Stable
    is mostly safe and we
    encourage you to use
    this version everywhere
  • Rock-Solid
    the most stable channel
    and recommended for usage
    in critical environments with tight SLA

When using release channels, you do not specify a version, because the version is managed automatically within the channel Stability channels and frequent releases allow receiving continuous feedback on new changes, quickly rolling problem changes back, ensuring the high stability of the software, and preserving an acceptable development speed at the same time.

The relations between channels and werf releases are described in trdl_channels.yaml.

We guarantee that Early-Access release should become Stable not earlier than 2 weeks after internal testing.
We guarantee that Stable release should become Rock-Solid release not earlier than 2 weeks after broad testing.