Breaking changes in v2.0

Key changes:

  1. The new deployment engine Nelm is enabled by default. The old deployment engine cannot be used anymore.
  2. Commands werf converge, werf plan and werf bundle apply have better resource validation, which may require fixing your charts.
  3. Commands werf render and werf bundle render now format the resulting YAML, stripping comments, sorting fields and formatting values.
  4. Commands werf render and werf bundle render sort manifests in the resulting YAML differently.
  5. Removed commands werf bundle download and werf bundle export. Use werf bundle copy --from REPO:TAG --to archive:mybundle.tar.gz.
  6. Renamed flag --skip-build to --require-built-images.
  7. Replaced Helm templating function werf_image with {{ $.Values.werf.image.<MY_IMAGE_NAME> }}.
  8. Replaced flags --report-path, --report-format with --save-build-report, --build-report-path.
  9. In command werf bundle copy replaced flags --repo, --tag, --to-tag with --from=REPO, --from=REPO:TAG, --to=REPO:TAG.
  10. Removed automatic migrations from Helm 2 releases to Helm 3 releases.

Other changes:

  1. Renamed flags --repo-implementation, --final-repo-implementation to --repo-container-registry, --final-repo-container-registry.
  2. Removed Selectel Container Registry flags --repo-selectel-account, --repo-selectel-password, --repo-selectel-username, --repo-selectel-vpc, --repo-selectel-vpc-id, --final-repo-selectel-account, --final-repo-selectel-password, --final-repo-selectel-username, --final-repo-selectel-vpc, --final-repo-selectel-vpc-id. Use the regular container registry authentication.
  3. Special werf annotations such as or are no longer saved in the Helm release (i.e. Secret resource by default), but still applied to the cluster.