Prepare the infrastructure


  • GitLab;

  • Linux host to install the GitLab Runner, featuring:

Installing the GitLab Runner

Follow official instructions to install the GitLab Runner on your dedicated host.

Installing werf

To install werf on the GitLab Runner host, run the following command:

curl -sSL | bash -s -- --ci

Registering the GitLab Runner

Follow official instructions to register GitLab Runner in GitLab: set Shell as the executor. Once the registration is complete, you may want to perform additional GitLab Runner configuration.

Configuring the container registry

Enable garbage collection for your container registry.

Preparing the system for cross-platform building (optional)

This step only needed to build images for platforms other than host platform running werf.

Register emulators on your system using qemu-user-static:

docker run --restart=always --name=qemu-user-static -d --privileged --entrypoint=/bin/sh multiarch/qemu-user-static -c "/register --reset -p yes && tail -f /dev/null"

Configure the project

Configuring the GitLab project

Configuring CI/CD of the project

This is how the repository that uses werf for build and deploy might look:


  • Add authorization options for werf cleanup in the container registry by following instructions.