Cleanup old unused werf cache and data of all projects on host machine.

The data include:

  • Lost docker containers and images from interrupted builds.
  • Old service tmp dirs, which werf creates during every build, publish, deploy and other commands.
  • Local cache:
    • Remote git clones cache.
    • Git worktree cache.

It is safe to run this command periodically by automated cleanup job in parallel with other werf
commands such as build, deploy, stages and images cleanup.


werf host cleanup [options]


            Specify docker config directory path. Default $WERF_DOCKER_CONFIG or $DOCKER_CONFIG or  
            ~/.docker (in the order of priority)
            Indicate what the command would do without actually doing that (default $WERF_DRY_RUN)
  -h, --help=false
            help for cleanup
            Use specified dir to store werf cache files and dirs (default $WERF_HOME or ~/.werf)
            Set log color mode.
            Supported on, off and auto (based on the stdout’s file descriptor referring to a        
            terminal) modes.
            Default $WERF_LOG_COLOR_MODE or auto mode.
            Enable debug (default $WERF_LOG_DEBUG).
            Enable emojis, auto line wrapping and log process border (default $WERF_LOG_PRETTY or   
            Disable explanatory output (default $WERF_LOG_QUIET).
            Set log terminal width.
            Defaults to:
            * interactive terminal width or 140
            Enable verbose output (default $WERF_LOG_VERBOSE).
            Use specified dir to store tmp files and dirs (default $WERF_TMP_DIR or system tmp dir)