Run container for specified project image


werf run [options] [IMAGE_NAME] [-- COMMAND ARG...]


  # Run specified image
  $ werf run --stages-storage :local application

  # Run image with predefined docker run options and command for debug
  $ werf run --stages-storage :local --shell

  # Run image with specified docker run options and command
  $ werf run --stages-storage :local --docker-options="-d -p 5000:5000 --restart=always --name registry" -- /app/

  # Print a resulting docker run command
  $ werf run --stages-storage :local --shell --dry-run
  docker run -ti --rm image-stage-test:1ffe83860127e68e893b6aece5b0b7619f903f8492a285c6410371c87018c6a0 /bin/sh


            Use predefined docker options and command for debug
            Change to the specified directory to find werf.yaml config
            Specify docker config directory path. Default $WERF_DOCKER_CONFIG or $DOCKER_CONFIG or  
            ~/.docker (in the order of priority)
            Command needs granted permissions to read and pull images from the specified stages     
            Define docker run options
            Indicate what the command would do without actually doing that
  -h, --help=false:
            help for run
            Use specified dir to store werf cache files and dirs (default $WERF_HOME or ~/.werf)
            Use plain HTTP requests when accessing a registry (default $WERF_INSECURE_REGISTRY)
            Set log color mode.
            Supported on, off and auto (based on the stdout’s file descriptor referring to a        
            terminal) modes.
            Default $WERF_LOG_COLOR_MODE or auto mode.
            Enable emojis, auto line wrapping and log process border (default $WERF_LOG_PRETTY or   
            Print current project directory path (default $WERF_LOG_PROJECT_DIR)
            Set log terminal width.
            Defaults to:
            * interactive terminal width or 140
            Use predefined docker options and command for debug
            Skip TLS certificate validation when accessing a registry (default                      
            Use only specific ssh keys (Defaults to system ssh-agent or ~/.ssh/{id_rsa|id_dsa}, see 
            Option can be specified multiple times to use multiple keys
  -s, --stages-storage='':
            Docker Repo to store stages or :local for non-distributed build (only :local is         
            supported for now; default $WERF_STAGES_STORAGE environment).
            More info about stages:
            Use specified dir to store tmp files and dirs (default $WERF_TMP_DIR or system tmp dir)