Auto annotations

werf automatically sets the following built-in annotations to all deployed chart resources:

  • "": FULL_WERF_VERSION — version of werf used when running the werf converge command;
  • "": PROJECT_NAME — project name specified in the werf.yaml;
  • "": ENV — environment name specified via the --env param or WERF_ENV variable; optional, will not be set if env is not used.

werf also sets auto annotations containing information from the CI/CD system used (for example, GitLab CI) when running the werf ci-env command prior to the werf converge command. For example,,, and

For more information about the CI/CD integration, please refer to the following pages:

Custom annotations and labels

The user can pass arbitrary additional annotations and labels using --add-annotation annoName=annoValue (can be used repeatedly) and --add-label labelName=labelValue (can be used repeatedly) CLI options when invoking werf converge.

For example, you can use the following werf converge invocation to set commit-sha=9aeee03d607c1eed133166159fbea3bad5365c57, annotations/labels to all Kubernetes resources in a chart:

werf converge \
  --add-annotation "commit-sha=9aeee03d607c1eed133166159fbea3bad5365c57" \
  --add-label "commit-sha=9aeee03d607c1eed133166159fbea3bad5365c57" \
  --add-annotation "" \
  --add-label "" \
  --repo REPO