werf config

— is a configuration to build docker images by werf described in werf.yaml file and supplement .werf/**/*.tmpl files.

werf name

FIXME: project name and config

werf name is either:

  • a last element of git repository path from remote.origin.url git config parameter;
  • or directory name, where config reside, in the case when no git repository used or remote.origin.url parameter is absent.

werf name can be explicitly specified with --name basic option of the most werf commands.


— is the named set of rules to build one docker image.

— is result image.


— is special image that is used by another images and artifacts to isolate the build process and build tools resources (environments, software, data).


— is a logically grouped set of config instructions, as well as the conditions and rules by which these instructions are assembled.

The werf assembly process is a sequential build of stages.

User stage

— is a stage with assembly instructions from config.

Stage assembly container

— is container for assembling stage instructions based on previous stage image (or on base image for from stage).

Stage signature

— is build stage identifier. The stage signature determines whether to build the stage.

The stage signature is the checksum of stage dependencies and previous stage signature.

Stage conveyor

— is a statically defined sequence of stages.