Delete release from Kubernetes with all resources associated with the last release revision


werf helm delete RELEASE_NAME [options]


            Helm release storage namespace (same as --tiller-namespace for regular helm, default    
            helm storage driver to use. One of 'configmap' or 'secret' (default                     
            $WERF_HELM_RELEASE_STORAGE_TYPE or 'configmap')
  -h, --help=false:
            help for delete
            Use specified dir to store werf cache files and dirs (default $WERF_HOME or ~/.werf)
            Kubernetes config file path
            Kubernetes config context (default $WERF_KUBE_CONTEXT)
            Prevent hooks from running during deletion
            Remove the release from the store and make its name free for later use
            Time in seconds to wait for any individual Kubernetes operation (like Jobs for hooks)
            Use specified dir to store tmp files and dirs (default $WERF_TMP_DIR or system tmp dir)